Fashion Spyder is a new strategic resource focused on providing solutions and guidance to emerging fashion designers.

Our online platform creates an essential networking space where designers can host their portfolios and make valuable connections with our exclusive directory of professional partners, investors, manufacturers, photographers and media specialists amongst many others.

The editorial content in our Fashion Journal is drawn from intensive research of the industry and reports on the most relevant and successful practices and news. We aim to provide a practical, working insight into the commercial issues facing fashion businesses today and to offer solutions and advice where possible.

In our blog we address a wide variety of topics around brand strategy and commercial development, however, we also focus on trends in fashion and any events and news that we deem to be useful to our designers including interviews and updates on funding initiatives and competitions.

Fashion Spyder facilitates smooth channels of communication and nurtures new collaborative projects by connecting brands with designers in different creative fields for projects, competitions, free-lance assignments and in-house positions. We promote the best work of those within the Fashion Spyder community by giving them our professional support in visual, technical and legal areas.

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