Stefania Schino
fashion institute of technology (fit) Bari, Italy
I am a freelance illustrator living in Italy. I was born in Puglia, in the South.
I graduated in Fashion Design, and Economics and i collaborated with very talented artists who taught a lot about figurative painting.
I love drawing since I was very young, but I had to complete my study in Economics and get a certificate in Fashion Design before to start being an artist.
I am involved in fashion illustration, although I am currently working on a different kind of illustrations and portrait, since I started getting more private commissions.

I feel like I’m addicted to art and never satisfied about my work, even if people like it.
I really love hyperrealism, and I never improvise.
Behind my illustrations there’s always a lot of work and study.
I always experiment different medium and style, like pencils, watercolors, ink and this is why sometimes some people think i'm still looking for my own style.
but i guess this is uncorrect.
I don't want to have just one style because i love to explore, experimen, to change again and again. And maybe this is the reason why i love so much fashion.

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