Linda Tranzillo
accademia italiana Florence, Italy

Linda Tranzillo. 24 years old. She lives in Florence, Italy.
She studied Photography at LABA for a year, where she fell in love with analogical photography and the darkroom.
After this year, when she lost her way, but she found incredible people, she take the decision to change her life, and to follow her passion.
She studied Fashion Design for three years at Accademia Italiana in Florence.

Her graduate collection Origami was published on “Vogue Talents 2014”, on “La Nazione” and one of her outfit was selected and displayed in “Luisa via Roma" in Florence.
Since she was a child, she was attracted to art and to create things from nothing.
She found her way to express herself, in the art of fashion.

Actually she working to create new collections and to find collaborations.

Collection - Origami .

Origami .

The entire collections was the result of an idea came by chance:
to realize a collection of SECOND HAND CLOTHING,
so to see fashion as a component that lives within time,
and experience the art of discovering beauty in things that should be thrown away.

All this moved by the desire to collect, revitalized, give new life,
to use garments by upsetting their originals shape and function.
The creative process during my work has been completely reversed.
Everything was born on the tailor’s dummy, almost improvising, making me drive from my feelings and the shapes of clothing that i was changing.

I have to decide to use primary male clothes such as blazers, suits and shirts,
giving it a feminine silhouette while maintaining their details
and transforming the style into something special and wearable every day.