Heiner Radau
khb, art school berlin weißensee, germany http://www.heinerradau.de Berlin, Germany
1988- born and raised in berlin
2000- graffiti
2006- a year in south france
2008- entering art-university KHB in Berlin with grant: exceptionally gifted
2012- internship @ Alexander Mc Queen, menswear dep. print, London
2013- 3 weeks of managing students work in Casablanca, Marocco
2014- release of bachelor silk scarf collection and own label
currently working on collabs while studying Master of textile design

Collection - HR - Silk Scarves 2014

HR - Silk Scarves 2014

The collection is dedicated to:

All of my design was born and raised in graffiti.
But i was to fuse opposite sites by understanding them
to a new mutual language creating a product with an exclusive artistic profile.

"Learning about the world of luxury, similar scarves and klichées, i felt the tension between urban chaos and rich hood clean style- these scarf-works are reflections of thought."

The elaborate packaging of the scarves, label
certification, as well as the logo are all part of
a new brand just between art and design.