Barbara Sanchez Kane
polimoda florence, Italy
Mexican born fashion designer. After finishing a BA in Industrial Engineering decided to take a different approach to her life entering POLIMODA fashion design in 2011. Just graduated in 2014 presenting her final collection at Villa favard (Florence).



Aristophanes speech on “The Symposium of Plato” talks about how mankind where cut into two and our struggle to find our other half in order to complete us. The central focus on my graduate collection is on our perception of love.
I was raise in Mexico in a very catholic environment and since early age I was taught what half should I look for to love and built a family with.
Using iconic Mexican traditions such as “Lucha Libre” and piñatas gave me the perfect connection of raw poetic and Kitsch needed to create chaos and project me in a whole.
Sometimes finding myself blindfolded and caught in beautiful yet barbarous fight against temptations and deciding the limits of my experiences.
LUCHA LIBRE means free, fighting for what we believe its true no matter what. This time we are able to choose who or what we love without any judgments.