Jolka Wiens JOLKA WIENS - ёлка
gerrit rietveld academy Amsterdam, Netherlands
Born and raised in Berlin, Jolka moved to Amsterdam in 2007 for her studies at the Gerrit-Rietveld-Academy.
After graduating in 2012 with the BA of (Fashion) Design, she immediately began working under the tutelage of Dutch Fashion Designer Mattijs van Bergen gaining first hand knowledge of this atelier. During this period she was joining the Vogue Young Vision Award 2012 (Vogue IT). Recently, she workes on collaborations and independently. As she says, she is always open for new projects.

Collection - mimi/kry


For her graduation collection, Jolka was inspired by facial expression – the way the most slightest twist changes an expression completely. Perception plays a big part in her work, she changes the perspective on the same basic shape in a subtile and clean way. Using a laser cutter to manipulate her patterns, she creates sculptural, minimalistic looks, which are influenced by the body itself and its movement.
Traditional techniques like knitting are used next to modern methods. Neoprene appears in white and light gold, combined with more fragile fabrics like skin coloured, translucent lycra and soft knitted pieces in white, combined grey shades,reaching until black. Enjoying a subtile colour palette, she played with textural and colour contrasts, using the the same colour in a different way to change the surface feel (haptic) and visual atmosphere. Through the use of laser cut, the white neoprene pieces conceive a graphical feeling.