Milan Stamenovic Florence, Italy
MILIUS MILAN STAMENOVIC is an Italian fashion brand created by designer and artist of Serbian origins Milan Stamenovic. MILIUS is based in Florence and offers a strong defined design of Haute Couture Jewellery handmade in limited editions of unique pieces. As eclecticism forms part of Milan’s central philosophic idea, this designer includes his artistic experiences into his work. Poetical approach is one of the characteristics present in the creative process. The motivations for Milius by Milan are to bring poise to the person who wears the creations made by Milan and to give sublime definition to the creative work which is achieved with his rich middle - European style and cultural and traditional background. That being the confirmation of the desire to bring excellent taste and style to those who chose MILIUS and to make them feel even more special.

Collection - HUNTER collection

HUNTER collection

The Man of the Hunter collection looks like a hunter-seducer. He uses his hunting trophies to make the objects to adorn his clothes. The materials range from boar teeth, deer horns, which are various references to the masculine attributes, and then get to the semi-precious stones, etc. The whole pond creates increasingly sophisticated forms to give a touch of metaphor to the hunter. As in Roman mythology Mercury had wings on his ankles, Milan puts the arms and legs on his creations to emphasize the form of beautiful pins giving them more force, power and speed on symbolical level, so that hunter-seducer who choose those pieces have more fun hunting his catch. Milan doesn’t forget Amazonian type of women hunter. For that matter the designer creates a spatial capsule collection of jewellery for huntresses thirsty for fresh fashion. Like the previous collection of jewellery, it is also a series of unique and unrepeatable pieces, always made strictly by hand.