Stevan Bozanovic born in Nis 1993. Enrolled in the School of art in the department of textile design and clothing. Currently studying at the Higher Vocational School for textile design, technology and management, also at the department of textiles and clothing design. During his schooling he present works (drawing, painting, design, design textiles and clothing) in the group exhibitions, and as part of collections at the third international FASHION WEEK in Nis. Also 2013 The displays his first solo collection called The Little Prince at BAFE organized in Belgrade. Exhibits on show named "My short skirt is freedom", and at the Belgrade Week of Arts BNU 2013.
2012. year won second place in the competition to design clothing that is issued TECHNOLOGY Faculty in Leskovac;
2013. year

Collection - The Little Prince

The Little Prince

As the initial inspiration for the collection served me a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "Little Prince", which I read every year, and always figure out otherwise. I thought that in each of us lies a little prince who dreams, imagination, follow your dreams and do not give up. The first model in the collection is inspired by an illustration of "The Little Prince", which is almost identical in all editions of this book. Denim jacket with a strict military look, which owns the original military details. With pip gives the dose of romantic, dreamy and imaginative spirit by itself was sending me books when I was a kid and first read. The shoulder straps can also be downloaded and jacket and then gets a little punk/rock look - the zipper and with emergency jacket, scratching and tearing jeans. With the jacket went and twill pants, 'old school' style, and collar with baroque ornaments.
Inspiration from "The Little Prince" fairy tale, working models are slowly leaving and "The Little Prince" street style. So, I combined military prints, stars that follow the entire collection of patterns and old school trousers. The collection is unisex. The collection includes fifteen models.