Sigita Trukasane
Florence, Italy
The creator and designer of "3 wind knots" accessories is Sigita Truksane. Her passion is design and fashion, but has more than 8 years of professional experience in human resource management and coaching.
Sigita understood in her professional practice, that often we can reach our dreams and goals easier and faster if we have a specific item or talisman that has meaning for us which we value. This item reminds us about our dreams, inspires and motivates us to move forward and achieve them.
With her professional experience and passion of art and design Sigita created brand "3wind knots". Accessories that inspires us to reach our dreams and brings love, joy and many miracles in our life!

Collection - Flight ST0105

Flight ST0105

Inspiration of first "3 wind knots" handbag collection FLIGHT ST0105 is freedom.
Designer Sigita Truksane is passionate traveler. She decided to realize during travels obtained feelings and experience into long-cherished dream about fine, exclusive, feminine and picturesque handbags. She believes flight of thought knows no boundaries, as well as trust and love.